Orchid Restaurant

You find our restaurant in a central location in Patong.
5 minutes walk to the famous Patong Beach and 100 meters the the Soi Bangla, the nightlife center.

Our restaurant offers you a great selection of Thai, Asian and European specialties to choose from. All dishes are expertly cooked, beautifully presented and reasonably priced. A wide variety of hot and cold dishes, with chefs cooking to your orders are available at our buffet breakfast.

We also have a cosy bar for your delightful evening. Whatever your choice is -- the favourite exotic Maitai cocktail --our bartender will make it to perfection to suit your personal preference.

Food Price
Continental Breakfast 100
American Breakfast 150
German Breakfast 150
English Breakfast 180
Farmers Breakfast 150
Black forest ham with farmer bread 180
Goulash soup with bread 120
Potato soup with sausage 120
Club sandwich 130
Frankfurter sausages with potato salad 120
Pork sausage with fried potatoes 120
Spaggetti Seafood 195
Spaghetti Bolonese 150
Penne Arrabiata 150
Curry sausage with french fries 150
Escalope of Pork with French fries 210
Beef roulade with dumplings red cabbage 280
Pork steak with peper sauce with french fries, salad 250
Pork steak with herbs butter, French fries, mixed salad 250
Mixed Grill with herbs butter, French fries 350
Fried rice with pork or chicken 95
Fried noodles with pork or chicken 95
Red curry with chicken and rice 120
Yellow curry with chicken and rice  120
Tom kha gai with rice 120
Khaeng khiau wan with rice 120
Tom yam seafood with rice 150
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